Hot Horseradish Television Ep. 11

In Episode 11 of Hot Horseradish Television, Mark Healy (Canadian Horseradish Ambassador) dives deeper into the process of growing horseradish and explains how the seed is harvested before planting....
DH Heart Stopper Burger

Dennis’ Heart Stopper Burger

Dennis’ Heart Stopper Burger is for the bravest of horseradish fans. This mountain of delicious burgers and horseradish is to only be brought out on special occasions for important...

Hot Horseradish Television Ep. 10

In Episode 10 of Hot Horseradish Television, Mark Healy (CEO) is talking about the horseradish off-season… or lack thereof. There is more exciting news to share including a new...

Dennis’ Horseradish Maple Marinade & Glaze

Take your favourite pork, chicken, or salmon dish to the next level with Dennis’ easy-to-make Horseradish Maple Marinade & Glaze. These four simple ingredients will add the perfect amount...

Horseradish Pineapple Hawaiian Burger

Ever craved a burger that’s both sweet and spicy? With this Hawaiian-styled burger, you can have just that! The Dennis’ Extra Hot Horseradish mixed into the patty will bring...
HHTV Ep. 09

Hot Horseradish Television Ep. 09

In Episode 09 of Hot Horseradish Television, we have a new segment “What Condiment Should I Use Anyway”, a rapid-fire game show where Mark names a condiment to go...

Dennis’ Horseradish Greek Burger

Escape to Greece for a night by trying this Greek-style horseradish burger! This carefully seasoned burger patty is topped off with a delicious yogurt sauce made with Dennis’ Original...

Dennis’ Horseradish Fried Egg Cheeseburger

Looking for a fun and delicious burger recipe? The search is over with this Horseradish Fried Egg Cheeseburger recipe. With Dennis’ Extra Hot Horseradish right in the patty and...
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