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Canada's premium small batch horseradish

Est. 1960

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Dennis’ Horseradish is the only small batch Canadian horseradish crafted for exceptional quality and flavour, and it has been this way for generations. We obsess about the details to bring you the premium heat and flavour that elevates the everyday.

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Our Lid

Have you noticed? Dennis’ Horseradish is the only jar on the market with the lid on the bottom. Our horseradish is so hot it is literally hard to contain. We jar and store it lid-down to preserve the heat you love.

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Our Lab

Our lab is dedicated to perfecting techniques for growing, harvesting and crafting our premium horseradish. Our goal is to try new flavour combinations, and to develop horseradish varieties and practices that deliver the hottest, richest kick you’ve ever tasted.

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Our Difference

A secret recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation for over 60 years. Sandy soil. A family farm. A commitment to horseradish and only horseradish. The result is a heat that is undeniably Dennis’ Horseradish.

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A proud 60-year old Norfolk County brand, Dennis’ Horseradish was founded by Dennis Gyorffy in 1960. The family distributed their products from Windsor to Ottawa and as far north as Sudbury. Customers ranged from small butcher shops and delicatessens to larger independent supermarkets.

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Horseradish is healthy and incredibly versatile. Check out our latest articles and recipes and discover how you can make every meal extraordinary.

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