Zippy Burger Sauce

Dennis’ Zippy Burger Sauce

Dennis’ Zippy Burger Sauce is the all in one horseradish hamburger topping packed with flavour and heat. A fan favourite at cookouts and barbecues everywhere, this recipe is easy...
Mushroom Burger Edit

Dennis’ Horseradish Portobello Mushroom Burger

Dennis’ Horseradish Portobello Mushroom Burger is an easy way to satisfy all of the meatless eaters at your next summer barbecue. This horseradish marinade will have your portobello’s soaking...
Dennis' Blue Cheese Burger

Dennis’ Blue Cheese Horseradish Hamburger

This simple recipe is made for those unwilling to compromise their love for blue cheese AND horseradish when preparing their favourite hamburger. Take your summer barbecue to the next...
ground chicken burger

Dennis’ Hot & Spicy Chicken Burger

Mixing in some of Dennis’ Extra Hot Horseradish will take your plain jane chicken burgers to the next level because why settle for ordinary? This easy-to-follow recipe is quick...
DH Burger Toppings

Dennis’ Horseradish Cheeseburger Garnish

The best burgers deserve the most flavourful toppings. Here are some of Dennis’ favourite toppings to go with your meat, veggie, or chicken burgers this summer. INGREDIENTS Patty of...
DH Hamburger Patty 1

Dennis’ Horseradish Hamburger Patties

Take your homemade hamburger patties to the next level with Dennis’ Extra Hot Horseradish Hamburgers. We’ve crafted this delicious and easy recipe to add some extra kick to the...
DH HR Ketchup

Dennis’ Hot Horseradish Ketchup

A legendary condiment at the grill that is taken to the next level with this easy recipe for Dennis’ Horseradish Ketchup. This recipe is perfect for dipping french fries...
HR Aioli

Dennis’ Horseradish Aioli

Dennis’ Horseradish Aioli is easy to make and made to elevate the flavour of deli sandwiches, burgers, BLTs, and more. How will you enjoy this delicious combination of flavours?...
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