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ground chicken burger

Dennis’ Hot & Spicy Chicken Burger

Mixing in some of Dennis’ Extra Hot Horseradish will take your plain jane chicken burgers to the next level because why settle for ordinary? This easy-to-follow recipe is quick...
DH Burger Campaign Photo

Dennis’ Horseradish Drops New Summer Campaign: Horseradish Is For Hamburgers

The hamburger. A Canadian tradition and a staple of the summer BBQ season. Why haven’t hamburgers gone hot & spicy like other foods… think: spicy chicken sandwiches, hot wings...
DH Hamburger Patty 1

Dennis’ Horseradish Hamburger Patties

Take your homemade hamburger patties to the next level with Dennis’ Extra Hot Horseradish Hamburgers. We’ve crafted this delicious and easy recipe to add some extra kick to the...
DH HR Ketchup

Dennis’ Hot Horseradish Ketchup

A legendary condiment at the grill that is taken to the next level with this easy recipe for Dennis’ Horseradish Ketchup. This recipe is perfect for dipping french fries...