Dennis’ Horseradish Drops New Summer Campaign: Horseradish Is For Hamburgers

The hamburger. A Canadian tradition and a staple of the summer BBQ season.

Why haven’t hamburgers gone hot & spicy like other foods… think: spicy chicken sandwiches, hot wings and Korean barbeque?

They have now.

Summer is coming, finally. And starting Victoria Day weekend – the May Two-Four weekend – and extending through the summer, Dennis’ Horseradish will put a spotlight on hamburgers with a kick.

We’ll post lots of recipes and a hamburger-of-the-week all summer. And, of course, we want our fans and partners to get involved, so we’ll be announcing some new collaborations and a new Horseradish Is For Hamburgers contest shortly.

To kick things off, we’re releasing a new horseradish hamburger flight, and recipes for hot & spicy hamburgers three ways: Horseradish Hamburger Patties, Burgers Doused in Hot Horseradish Ketchup, and Cheeseburgers Garnished with Horseradish and Horseradish Mustard.

Check back here along with our social feeds regularly for updates.

Hamburgers: Elevated.