Hot Horseradish Television

Dennis the Moose

Hot Horseradish Television Ep. 04

In Episode 04 of Hot Horseradish Television Mark is answering questions from our mailbag and opens Dennis’ first ever handwritten fan letter . Tune in to find out what the...

Hot Horseradish Television Ep. 03

In Episode 3 of Hot Horseradish Television, we get Jarred on the telephone from Smoke Show to tell us about the new Dennis’ + Smoke Show Smoky Spicy Caesar Kit. The...
technical hamburger schematic

Hot Horseradish Television Ep. 02

In Episode 02 of Hot Horseradish Television, we get into the details of our new Horseradish is for Hamburgers campaign. Mark walks us through a highly sophisticated hamburger schematic...

Announcing Hot Horseradish Television: For All the Day’s News

What’s going on in the horseradish world at large? What’s the latest Dennis’ news? Is there a new product, or collaboration, or partnership, or deal being announced? What are...

Hot Horseradish Television Ep. 01

A show where we talk about the latest news, open fan mail, and interview special guests. In this first episode, Mark Healy talks more about our new Extra Hot...