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Spicy Caprese Bites for Valentine’s Day

Prep time
5 minutes
Cook time
0 minutes

This simple appetizer combines brings together the classic Caprese pairings of tomatoes, basil and cheese with Dennis’ Original Horseradish for that little whoosh of heat to get your meals started off right. We think it’s the perfect way to kick off a special Valentine’s Day meal.

We partnered with lifestyle blogger _Kate.Ellen_ on this fresh new way to enjoy Dennis’ Horseradish.


Step One
Evenly slice tomatoes into rounds. Place them on plates/serving tray.
Step Two
Evenly slice mozzarella into rounds, and place one round on top of each tomato slice.
Step Three
Choose one leaf of fresh basil and place it on each mozzarella round.
Step Four
Top each basil leaf with a small scoop of Dennis’ Horseradish.
Step Five
Serve on a platter on their own, on crostini toasts or with your favourite charcuterie meats.

Check out Kate’s original recipe here: