New Smoke Show Hot Sauce and Dennis’ Horseradish Collaboration: The Spicy Caesar Kit

It’s National Caesar Day in Canada. Spicy.

And… the start of the first Habs-Leafs playoff series since 1979. Also spicy.

So it’s the perfect day to announce a new collaboration between Montreal-based (and hardcore Habs fans) Smoke Show Hot Sauce and Ontario-based (and diehard Leafs fans) Dennis’ Horseradish – on a Spicy Caesar Kit. This kit is, well, hot, and the caesars they inspire will be too.

When customers open their kit, they will find… one bottle of Smoke Show’s original Jalapeno Hot Sauce, one jar of Smoke Show’s Chipotle Spice, and one jar of Dennis’ Jalapeno Horseradish.

“We just loved the jalapeno horseradish from Dennis’ when we tried it, we were obsessed with it immediately,” said Dave Rose, President at Smoke Show. “This is a natural partnership.”

“We have long admired Smoke Show, we’re big fans. Fantastic products, and such a great brand. We’re so pleased to be able to work together,” added Mark Healy from Dennis’.

At Dennis’, we prefer our caesars with gin, not vodka, but to each their own, as they say. Whatever your preference, you can’t go wrong all hot and spicy, and you can’t go wrong with this kit.

The Spicy Caesar Kit is now available here.