I can't find one of your products in my local grocery store. Where can I get it?

Although our products can be found in many major supermarkets, independent butchers, gourmet markets, and other specialty stores and farm markets, not all retailers carry our entire line. Remember to look for our products in the refrigerated section. For more information on independent markets or particular products, please contact us.

What happens if your horseradish isn't refrigerated?

Our products are made fresh and keeping them refrigerated helps preserve the special heat that gives horseradish its zing. Refrigeration also helps the white ground horseradish maintain its color longer. Still, there is no need to dispose of a jar that has not been refrigerated for a short period of time. The refrigeration requirement is to preserve the color and heat, and unrefrigerated product should be safe to consume.

What is the shelf life for your products?

Horseradish products are best when fresh since they will lose a little "heat" every day after we grind it. It is a natural chemical reaction that creates the horseradish heat you love. As the horseradish gets older it loses its chemical energy and runs out of steam. Dennis' Horseradish Products have a one year shelf life, but are best when consumed with in a few months from opening. Opened jars will lose their heat and flavor faster and may only keep for 1-2 months in the refrigerator. If a product is not stored in a refrigerated environment its heat and flavour intensity can be reduced. All Dennis' Horseradish Products should be refrigerated after opening.

Every Dennis' product is equipped with an expiry date (month/day/year) which indicates the upper limit to when the product should be consumed. This date helps store personnel rotate Dennis products to make sure they don't go out of code.

Tip: Some customers store their horseradish products upside down in the refrigerator after their first use to maintain heat and flavor.

Why does the heat level vary jar to jar sometimes?

We work hard to offer a product that is as fresh, simple and natural as possible. Horseradish, like other produce, is prone to variations due to growing conditions and location. We do not add a lot of the processing elements and chemicals that disguise these variations, although most of the time the differences in heat and texture are not noticeable to the average person. We strive for consistency as much as possible; however, like any vegetable you may encounter a batch that is slightly different than others.

In addition to the characteristic of the root itself, horseradish is also hotter the fresher it is and will lose its heat the longer it sits unused, especially after opened and exposed to air. Elements such as refrigeration and time will impact the heat level which is why we encourage all retailers and consumers to keep our products refrigerated and rotated. A jar that is close to or past its "best by" date will probably be significantly milder than a jar that has been freshly packaged.

Why does my seafood sauce sometimes have a gel like consistency?

We periodically see this gelling issue with our cocktail sauce and it usually responds well to a vigorous stir before use. There is a natural reaction that occurs between the fresh horseradish roots and pectin in the tomato ketchup that can sometimes create a gel like consistency. In seeking to remain more "home-style" in nature, we do not add any homogenizing agents so our product does experience some variations in consistency based on ingredient seasonality. Horseradish crops that appear to be quite strong in nature may lead to a stiffer seafood sauce mix as it sets up.

Can I buy your products online?

At this time we are not equipped to fill online orders.

Are your products Kosher?

All of our products are Kosher certified. For a copy of our Kosher certificate, please contact us.

Are your products Gluten Free?

All of our products are products are processed in a facility that uses no gluten products; however, we have NOT been certified gluten free by an outside agency.