Dennis’ Is Joining The 100km Foods Family

Retail and Foodservice Formats Now Available

Dennis’ Horseradish is proud to join the 100km Foods family.

Based in Toronto, 100km Foods is a Local Food distributor connecting local farmers and food producers with chefs, retailers and individual consumers by acting as the much needed distribution channel between farm and city.

Like us at Dennis’, 100km Foods is Feast On certified. And we are in good company, with some of our friends, partners and customers from Norfolk County, ON already on the roster: VG Meats from Simcoe, Jensen’s Cheese from Simcoe, Gunn’s Hill Cheese from Woodstock, along with Mountainoak Cheese, Scout Canning and Johnston’s Cranberry Marsh who are also partners of ours.

Both wholesale cases of our classic 250mL jars and foodservice 4L jug formats are now available for order via:

Many thanks to Grace and Paul and the whole team for welcoming us with open arms.