Do we take horseradish too seriously?

If you ask us, we take it just seriously enough.

Dennis' Horseradish is made possible through three things coming together.

First, is geography: The sandy loam soils of Norfolk County lend a unique sharpness and flavour to our horseradish roots. Our root also benefits from the naturally high sulphur content in our soil, absorbing some of the sulphuric heat while developing an earthy flavour.

Second is the quality of our root. Our horseradish plants are all 'children' of the same remarkable root that has been making eyes water since the 1960s. And while the growing and harvesting techniques have tweaked, our varieties have expanded, and our processing methods have been improved, Dennis' has maintained the same commitment to quality.

Third is our dedication to self-improvement. We regularly send representatives to 'Horseradish University.' (Yes, this is an actual thing.) It's a yearly symposium held at the University of Illinois, which allows us to keep up-to-date on the latest methods of growing, harvesting, and preparing horseradish. We've combined what we've learned with generations of family farming history. And we think the results speak for themselves.

Who are the families behind the Horseradish?

Dennis' Horseradish is owned and operated by two farm families. Neighbours actually, that have lived next door to each other for five generations and counting. You could say that our horseradish is the product of literally over a hundred years of friendship.

In addition to horseradish, the owners also grow an assortment of vegetables and berries. Seasonal crop rotation helps keep the soils rich and healthy from year to year while yielding even more Norfolk-grown produce.

Saying we were pioneers in horseradish would be right in more ways than one, given our families histories and our dedication to learning new ways to improve how this delicious root is grown, harvested, processed, and used.