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Latkes with horseradish – 3 ways


Whether you’re celebrating Hanukkah with these traditional favourites or want to try something new, we curated three of our favourite recipes for latkes. Each recipe comes with an amazing pairing of a horseradish sauce that we know Dennis’ fans will love.

Traditional latkes with creamy horseradish sauce


This easy recipe for latkes is just what you need to make this traditional dish – it was even passed down through the family of the chef. Plus, our favourite part is the bonus recipe for Creamy Horseradish Sauce. We often consider horseradish that “secret ingredient” that pulls everything together, and it’s no exception here. In less than an hour, your family will be enjoying the crispy, satisfying taste of traditional latkes.

Parsnip latkes with lox and horseradish creme


Interested in a twist on traditional? Try these earthy yet slightly sweet parsnip latkes that pair perfectly with smoked salmon and an easy horseradish sauce. You simply combine creme fraiche, dill, horseradish with some salt and pepper for that hint of zest. This recipe also calls for fresh dill to finish off your latkes – not only will it taste amazing, it looks incredible, too.

Gluten-free apple & potato latkes with creamy horseradish dip


Try this take on latkes by to enjoy warming flavours from fresh ginger and some subtle sweetness from shredded apples. Your gluten-free guests will enjoy the treat, and we’re sure everyone will love the sour cream and horseradish dip that tops it all off.

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