Dennis’ Horseradish ready for expansion with new partner Mark Vandenbosch

Dennis’ Horseradish set to build on early success with expansion into commercial, food service and hospitality

Dennis’ Horseradish just keeps growing.

Following a rapid re-entry into the grocery and retail space that saw Dennis’ Horseradish triple its distribution throughout Southern Ontario, the small but mighty Canadian business is set to build on its retail and ecommerce success with further expansion into commercial, food service and hospitality segments.

Tackling this rapidly expanding line of business is Mark Vandenbosch, who joins the Dennis’ team as co-owner and partner alongside CEO Mark Healy and COO Mark Whitmore. (Yes, three Marks, it’s a thing.) Rounding out the team is General Manager Rydge Rivard, farmers Drew Patterson and Lindsay Menich, and the keeper of the generations-old horseradish recipe, Rick Hantz.

Vandenbosch brings decades of experience to the team from both a business and agricultural perspective. Through his experience as former Dean and professor at Ivey Business School in London, Ontario, he taught Marketing & Strategy to hundreds of Canada’s largest farmers and worked with several major businesses such as Maple Leaf Foods, Nestle and Tetra Pak.

Raised on a cash crop farm in Southern Ontario, Vandenbosch said he’s “happy to be returning to his ‘roots’” as he gets set to develop this line of business across Canada, and eventually internationally.

“I’m excited to be able to help bring such a high quality, Ontario-based, farm-to-fork food business to Canada and the world,” said Vandenbosch.

“It’s the perfect time to tackle a new space,” said CEO Healy. “We’ve been growing so quickly, with all kinds of requests and we’re not the kind of team that wants to slow down. We’re always ready for more.”

COO Whitmore added, “We’ve known Mark a long time and there is a high degree of respect and trust there. We’re excited about what we can do together.”

Dennis’ continues to build strong grocery presence

The rapid penetration into the retail and grocery market across Ontario as well as its steadily climbing ecommerce sales, has been managed by GM Rivard, who grew up in the Norfolk County farming community where Dennis’ continues to be grown, harvested and made.

“I was excited to join Dennis’ Horseradish, since I grew up in the area I knew and respected the brand a lot,” said Rivard, who joined the team in August 2020. “We’ve already seen a tremendous reception from customers based on the efforts we have made to craft a truly premium product.”

As Dennis’ Horseradish continues to grow, the focus on premium, locally crafted horseradish remains at its core, with a keen eye on continued growth and making lasting and meaningful partnerships.

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