Ladies and gentlemen…it’s July, and so it is National Horseradish Month. I know what you are thinking – you’re thinking ‘what?’ or ‘that doesn’t sound like a real thing’. Or similar. It does sound a little made-up, we’ll grant you that… but…it was not made up by us, and what is good for the goose is for the gander as they say.

Speaking of Newfoundland and learning new things, it is a good month to learn more/ teach your kids or friends about horseradish. Here is a direct quote from an article about National Horseradish Month on “Historically, the root’s medicinal uses included treatments for pain relief, food poisoning, scurvy, and colic. It was even considered an aphrodisiac.” No more scurvy! That’s a relief. And we’ll just leave that last bit alone…

At Dennis’, we’re celebrating NHM with lots of new articles throughout the month, with an OPEN INVITATION for FANtastic (see what we just did there) recipes from our fans, and with a great new promo where we will give away one free jar with every online order in July.

Send us your best spicy horseradish-inspired recipes, and buy-early-and-buy-often, people.

For more on NHM, you can read the full article here.